There is a halo around the body of every person which is called as aura. Aura me answer in any photograph of God there is a bright light /circle over the head, it is known as aura. Those who are having more positive energy in their body their aura is good and those who are having more negative energy in their body their aura is low. Aura is changing according to those seven wheels (Chakra) in the body in which manner they are active e.g. after meeting some people we feel pleasant or fresh and after seeing or meeting some people we feel unnecessary tired or bored. The man can have all types of worldly comforts by wearing rudraksha in the neck. He is having spiritual progress. He becomes amulet of the neck of all the people. People attracts automatically towards him. So much awe is generated in his sight that if he stare at anybody for a moment the front person can be stand out in thousand. He gets respect wherever he goes, gets honour. The shine generates on his face. All the comforts submit to him. Rudraksha is having magical power to have a control over other people (Vashikaran). Rudraksha is hidden power place of Vashikaran. Rudraksha is having great strength of Vashikaran. If you wore it in the neck you will increase your mental strength in few days. Until now it is being experience that the rudraksha is very beneficial to have all the fulfillments and healthy life. Unlimited grandeur of rudraksha is being described in our religious rituals. The wearer of rudraksha devotee is dear to Lord Shankara. He is having always his well-being. He is being rescued from any type of disaster Effects of any rudraksha are being experienced within to days. There is special importance of wearing rudrksha in the period of a trAnswerition (Sankrat), a full-moon day (Pournima), a first day of the month (Pratipada), Monday and an eclipse (Grahan). A trAnswerition (Sankrat) meAnswer not only a trAnswerition of zodiac sign Capricorn (Makar Sankrat) but generally on fourteenth, fifteenth date, the trAnswerition of Sun from one zodiac sign (Rashi) to other zodiac sign(Rashi)is being happened, meAnswer trAnswerition is going on. Then this period is also useful and important to wear the rudraksha. Names and places of the seven wheels (Chakra) which are in the body are as follows. Sahastra Dhar Chakra (This Chakra is in the center the head at the top), AAdnya Chakra (This Chakra is in the forehead in between both the evebrows) Vishuddhi Chakra (This Chakra is near the throat), Anahat Chakra (This Chakra is near the heart),Manipur Chakra (This Chakra is in the navel and the ribs), Swadhishthan Chakra (This Chakra is below the navel), Muladhar Chakra (This Chakra is in the place of genital orgAnswer of male & female). The positive energy can be increased too much in our body by the use of a proper Rudraksha and good kind of benefits of this can be have to others as well as ourselves. So by using Rudraksha increase your aura (PrAnswerhakti) and be a successful in the life.
Seven Wheels( Sapta Charas)
  1. Sahastra Dhar Chakra This chakra is also known as Crown Chakra. This Chakra is in the center of the head at the top. The use of this Chakra is being done by the reky grandmaster wile giving intiation
  2. Aadnya Chakra This Chakra is also named as Third Eye Chakra. This Chakra is in the forehead in between eyebrows. Will- Power increases by awaking this chakra, as well control is being kept over anger and it increases the imagination power.
  3. Vishuddhi Chakra This Chakra is also known as Throat Chakra. It is near the throat. By awaking this Chakra mental suppression is being removed Diseases related to throat and neck are being removed. If the singer awoke this chakra his throat is being cleared further.
  4. Anahat Chakra This Chakra is also known as Heart Chakra. Due to this Chakra our love for the world and love of world for us is being increased further.
  5. Manipur Chakra This Chakra is known as Solar Plexus Chakra. This Chakre is in the navel and ribs. Diseases of the abdominal are being controlled by awaking this Chakra. Control also is being kept on diabetes, diseases due to heat. ect.
  6. Swadhishtan Chakra This Chakra is known as Hara Chakra. It is being assumed that this Chakra is below the navel. By awaking Swadhistan Chakra, diseases related to genitals, cold, cough, urine ect. are being controlled.<.li>
  7. Mula Dhar Chakra This chakra is known as Root Chakra.This Mula Dhar Chakra is at the place of genital orgAnswer of male and female. By awaking this Chakra inertia of body, apathy, depression, bone diseases and progeny related problems are being cured.
While using Rudraksha one thing especially to be noted that do not be under an illusion that you will become rich in one day or your all problems will be solved immediately like the story of Allauddin. To have any effect is a continuous process, let this process to go with its own way. Do not be under innocence that the wearer of rudraksha will become a big man within a moment and all questions will be solved in one stroke. Some time is required to complete the each and every thing. At this time it is to be noted that our act is being done by single-minded and with faith. By doing proper use of energy witch is within you and to take you ahead and lead you towards way of progress is the work of Rudraksha. If you are ready to do your work then it is no doubt that rudraksha will also open a gallery of nature miracle for you. When the proper faced (Mukhi) rudraksha is not available or difficult to get it, at that time it should be decided, by taking two rudraksha and confirming the sum of their faces (Mukh) is matching with desired rudraksha face (Mukh) or not. The results of rudraksha is most of the time is depend upon the purity and behavior of the wearer, this basic should not be forgotten. Most of the time for ten faced (Daha Mukhi) Rudraksha, Four faced (Char Mukhi ) & Six faced (Saha Mukhi) rudraksha is being used collectively. It is not necessary to combind the faces (Mukh) like this. But it is definite that you will not experience the powerful effect in that proportion. It meAnswer as per our convenience the sum of the faces (Mukh) can be achieved. As per such combination our purpose can be achieved by some extent, but it is to be realised that the fruits of only one unbroken Ten Faced (dahamukhi) rudraksha can not be achieved perfectly by the sum of Four Faced (Char Mukhi) and Six Faced (Saha Mukhi) rudraksha. It is necessary to look from this point of view that Rudraksha is a part of botanical life of the nature.
Some things can not remain collectively. It is not fare to combind them by force. In same way it is necessary to keep careful consideration in case of rudraksha. If those things are there like consumption of alcohol, having non-vegetarian food, then it is assumed that it can not have any benefit from rudraksha. But at many coastlines fish is being treated as vegetarian food. At such time where the definition of vegetarian food changes according to geographical situation then there is no reason to have any loss by those things. If it is being assumed that rudraksha is helpful to have salvation from all sins then it will be of some couragious to say it gives losses.
To accomplish any thing there is need of some groundwork. Some things are being proven by the help of Mantra is the prevailing religious belief. By doing good groundwork (studies) if we appear for the examination we can do better, in same way by the meditation, by utterance of Manta, we can recharge some object as well nearly atmosphere by positive energy. Please see the proven (Siddha) from that point of view. It is not that only by show of spritual, the things like rudraksha are being proven, but endless importance of mental purity is necessary. If it is not there, then nothing will be proven and any work may not be accomplish.